Route To Successful Career in Research

Sports Federation of India conducted a career fest in the district of Palamau, Jharkhand. Meraj Rizvi, who is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Irvine, USA, addressed the students regarding career options in the field of scientific research. He spoke at length about the nature of scientific pursuit and how rewarding this could be as a career. He also touched upon the pitfalls and misunderstandings about the nature of scientific research. Mr. Rizvi emphasized upon the fact that one should try to understand his orientation and aspiration before dwelling upon the idea of choosing such a career for oneself.

The integral part of scientific work is a pursuit of deep understanding of the subject and a passion for exploring the unknown. A research is inherently a voyage into the unknown. The risk and reward in this field depend upon a lot of factors. The singular most important aspect of such an endeavor remains the vision for human augmentation as a civilization.

The students felt very motivated towards adopting research field as a career after this interaction. Many new information and career opportunities were available to the students in this regard.

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