Setting up educational centers with modern amenities in rural India

Sports Federation of India has been involved with setting up educational Institutions in rural India. The endeavor is carried out with the help of local population and other organizations. The intention is to provide a standardized educational facility to the children of such areas at a minimum cost.

The federation is extending help through technical support and providing the training and facilitation of human resource. The operations are currently running in the state of Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand and are poised to be expanded to the other regions of India as well.

Educational institutions at elementary level need certain modern facilities which can be easily arranged if proper coordination among people and educators is achieved. Modern amenities and good teachers could be provided to the remotest of locations if there is a proper understanding of cost and availability of resources amongst the local population. This helps in creating jobs and providing hope for the future of the area.

Sports Federation Of India has helped people of Chandauli District of Uttar Pradesh and Palamau District of Jharkhand to set up modern schools with the very low cost of education per child. It has also conducted many events to promote a positive attitude towards modern education amongst conservative sections of society.

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